Billionaire Ray Dalio said that regulators in countries such as India and China are stifling Bitcoin

American billionaire Ray Dalio (Ray Dalio) expressed concern that countries such as India and China are stifling the growth of Bitcoin, the world’s most highly rated cryptocurrency. Earlier this week, the 72-year-old former co-chief investment officer of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, said in an interview that he fears that if Bitcoin becomes more popular, global regulators will try to stifle cryptocurrencies. The business tycoon also said that although he did not fully use digital currency in the past, he has converted part of his investment portfolio to Bitcoin.
According to a report from the portal CryptoPotato, Dalio believes that countries such as India and China are trying to “discard” cryptocurrencies. Although China has banned digital currency transactions and transactions, India is still unstable in its methods of securing the future of cryptocurrencies.
“I think if it (Bitcoin) really succeeds, they (global regulators) will eventually kill it and try to kill it,” the report quoted Dario as saying.
The famous investor went on to point out that given the continuing uncertainty in the market, people need to diversify their investment portfolio enough before entering the cryptocurrency field. For him, it is important for investors to ensure their financial security in the form of gold or other high-value commodities.
Although voices against cryptocurrencies like Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank, question the credibility of cryptocurrencies, digital financial tokens are gaining popularity among traders and investors around the world.
billionaire investors said last month that Bitcoin is related to digital gold. Dario believes that constantly evaluating your investment is the key. He also recommends avoiding buying assets like Bitcoin just because of the temporary prosperity of Bitcoin. He said: “Be careful where you spend your money.”
Earlier this month, El Salvador became the first country in the world to use Bitcoin and the U.S. dollar as legal tender.
Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson welcomed the decision and predicted that more countries will follow the example of this Central American country and adopt the world’s largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

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