Cryptocurrency Update: Cryptocurrency Coins Gain up to 1674% in 24 Hours

The global crypto market capitalization is $ 2.14 trillion, up 2.15 percent from the day before. The total volume of the cryptocurrency market in the last 24 hours is $ 99.33 billion, down 15.37 percent. Total volume on DeFi is currently $ 15.95 billion, 16.06 percent of the crypto market’s total 24-hour volume. The volume of all stablecoins is now $ 77.79 billion, which is 78.32 percent of the total 24-hour volume of the crypto market. According to, Bitcoin is currently 42.31 percent dominant, down 0.69 percent over the course of the day.
In Sunday’s winners package, Only Up was trading at $ 0.000002215, an increase of 1674.37 percent. Mini Floki was up 381.43 percent to $ 0.0000002071. Other cryptocurrencies that made significant gains included Artex, which was trading at $ 0.0157, an increase of 253.41 percent. Blackcloud was another big winner, at 202.22 percent at $ 0.000276. And last on the list, ForeverFOMO was trading at $ 0.2724, an increase of 176.97 percent.
On the other hand, Rainbow Token was the biggest loser with 46.54 percent at $ 0.000000004584, followed by Hamster, which traded at $ 0.000000000889, down 41.99 percent. Chipstar ranks third on the list of the five biggest losers, with its virtual currency dropping 41.68 percent to $ 0.05312. World of Waves was down 39.51 percent to $ 0.001401. Last on the list of losers is Xiotri, which was trading at $ 172.32, down 33.45 percent.

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Gainers (According to data from CoinMarketCap)

1)Only Up-$0.000002215–1674.37 per cent change over the last 24 hours

2) Mini Floki- $0.0000002071– 381.43 per cent change over the last 24 hours

3) Artex- $0.0157– 253.41 per cent change over the last 24 hour

4) Black Cloud -$0.000276– 202.22 per cent change over the last 24 hours

5) ForeverFOMO – $0,2724– 176.97  per cent change over the last 24 hours

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