Ethereum, THETA, Memeinator price prediction as bulls target more gains

  • Ethereum, THETA, Memeinator price prediction as crypto rally resumes
  • Ethereum is seeing huge institutional investor interest and could target $5k while THETA may rally as the AI boom continues.
  • The Memeinator is in presale and could explode as it rolls out its project.

Ethereum could hit $5,000 amid growing institutional adoption. Meanwhile, Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments and meme coin resurgence could buoy Theta Network (THETA) and Memeinator (MMTR) respectively.

Ethereum price: ETH attracting institutional investors

Ethereum price has broken above $3,200 as market data shows institutions are betting big on the world’s second largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

As crypto analyst Rekt Capital pointed out on X today, the last time Ethereum price spiked as it has this month was during the last bull cycle. While that happened near the cycle peak, the analyst says the extent of gains this month suggests the bull cycle might reach a new level.

The top altcoin, according to a report by crypto exchange Bybit, has seen increased long term bet from institutional investors.

With ETH now a major part of crypto whales’ portfolio strategies, further price gains are likely. Analysts have predicted a potential run to $5,000 with imminent catalysts such as the Dencun upgrade, spot Ethereum ETFs and bullish BTC.

Growth in the DeFi space could also be a big boost for ETH price, particularly as liquid staking and restaking gains momentum.

THETA price prediction amid AI boost

Theta Network (THETA) is one of the top performers in the crypto market today. The altcoin, which launched in 2019, is a decentralized video streaming protocol. Users get rewarded for their bandwidth and computing power shared across the protocol.

THETA price has surged by more than 44% in the past 24 hours. Gains over the past month stand at around 107%, with this coming amid a spike in demand for decentralized GPUs. The expected growth around Theta EdgeCloud, the protocol’s decentralized software platform, could see the price of THETA target a breakout to $4.

Currently, the altcoin trades around $2.03.

Memeinator: Utility-driven meme eyeing overall dominance

Memeinator has raised more than $5 million in its presale as stage 16 of 20 draws to a close. When the project enters the market in the second quarter of the year, the era of a new meme coin dominance will officially begin.

This project launches at a time when nearly a quarter of the crypto tokens today are meme coins. However, as market research has shown, most of these are worthless, no-utility tokens. Most are expected to die off, and many could face judgement from Memeinator.

As it seeks to register the $1 billion market cap milestone, Memeinator will utilize an AI-powered game and other real-utility features to annihilate the Dogecoin copycats. This goal is coming into fruition with the presale concluding soon and major developments such as the partnership with Red Apple Technologies sealed.

Memeinator is therefore bidding to topple meme coin pretenders as well as become a top GameFi platform. Holders of the native $MMTR will also benefit from staking and an NFT marketplace.

Memeinator price prediction

2023 saw meme coins such as Pepe and Bonk soar to staggering heights, the latter helping reignite the Solana meme market. In 2024 and beyond, this crown could belong to Memeinator.

The overall utility that the project offers and the expected growth around crypto, gaming and AI, bode well for $MMTR price. For instance, estimates for the GameFi and NFTs market highlight growth to a $90 billion industry by 2030.

In the crypto market, analysts are looking at an altcoin season as Bitcoin price rockets. If Memeinator navigates the remaining presale stages and emerges in the market, a formidable performance could see it quickly top most weak meme tokens.

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